The property valuations pertaining to hotel and leisure properties are unique and different from the general property valuations.

Assistant Attorneys General Luke Morgan and Chris Brown, who are prosecuting the case, say Ms. Craven and McIntire planned to kill Craven so they could be together and collect nearly a half-million dollars in insurance money. McIntire hired Ronald Pryor to do the killing for about $15,000, McIntire has testified. Craven was killed the morning of July 12, 2000, in the basement of his home. McIntire said Pryor did the killing while Ms. Craven directed.

At one point, Ms. Craven handed Pryor a gun and told him to shoot her husband, McIntire said. Pryor has been convicted of murder and a jury has recommended the death penalty. Ms. Craven has denied taking part in the killing. Her attorneys say McIntire planned and carried it out because Ms. Craven wanted to end their affair and continue her marriage.

Thanksgiving holiday travelers are beginning to make their presence felt, and nowhere is that more in evidence than Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The number of travelers arriving and departing at the airport was up Friday, airport officials said, although exact numbers were unavailable. The number passing through the airport was a mere trickle compared to what is expected Wednesday. Whether it is the nation's military involvement in Afghanistan, a possible war with Iraq, or just routine leave, the number of service personnel passing through the three terminals is well above normal.

There are considerations such as, hotel rooms, gardens, leisure facilities, revenue potentials etc. have to be inculcated when valuing hotel properties.

"There's a lot of servicemen flying and some of them have their families with them," said Ted Bushelman, director of communications for the airport, which handles about 600 flights per day. To accommodate the military personnel, "we will open up over the weekend a USO -- a place they can go, be together out of the crowds and make phone calls," Bushelman said.

The room, in Concourse A, will provide light refreshments to travelers, and will be operated by airport's ambassadors, Bushelman said. Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson's exploration into the legal work of William Robinson III extends beyond legal fees paid to Robinson by Sanitation District No. 1. The initial records' request, which sought documents pertaining to legal fees and travel expenses paid to Robinson and his law firm, Greenebaum Doll & McDonald, was submitted to the sanitation district on Nov. 6.

Hotel property valuations can give immense potential to the property owners to reap the benefits such as accessing loans on their assets and also availing credit.